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Cameron Highland Vegetable Supplier

Chocobo Trading

金马伦蔬菜批发 |金马伦玉蜀黍批发

Nestled along the beautiful hills of Cameron Highlands, you will find us, Chocobo Trading. With over 30 years of farming experience and a premier reputation as Malaysians' preferred Cameron Highland vegetable supplier, we appreciate the importance of providing high-quality and fresh agricultural produce to our customers. We believe our ever-expanding range of homegrown fresh vegetables will fit nicely into any of our customers’ produce or culinary needs.

Cameron Highlands is the most famous and fertile agritourism spot in Peninsular Malaysia. City dwellers often think of Cameron Highlands for a cold escape or holistic tea experience. This popular highland retreat is located between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level. Its optimum climate and altitude have sculptured it as a very important vegetable and fruit plantation area in Malaysia. There is no better place to get fresher-than-fresh produce in Malaysia.

Chocobo Trading’s own site and farms are strategically located in Kampung Raja, which is a small town that contributes to the highest agricultural production in Cameron Highlands. We monitor and optimize our farm constantly to ensure a steady supply of our fresh produce at competitive prices. Not only that, we ensure ourselves to be efficient, of high service quality and make everything as perfect as possible.

As you visit our official website, you can search for more than 60 types of vegetables, fresh fruits, and herbs. At Chocobo Trading, we ensure you get everything you need at one time.


featured vegetables

product range

Here are some of our best selling products. We provide fresh fruits and high-quality vegetables that are grown in our own farm in Cameron Highlands. This made our fresh produce especially tomato, lettuce, and strawberry loved by many of our customers.









Fresh Kale

​Vege List 

Leafy Vegetables

  • Ice Plant 冰菜

  • Green Dragon Chives青龙菜

  • Green Coral Lettuce青生菜

  • Red Coral Lettuce红生菜

  • Iceberg Lettuce 玻璃生菜

  • Choy Sum 菜心

  • Sawi Bunga 菜心花

  • Romaine Lettuce 油麦菜

  • Baby Romaine 小油麦

  • Butterhead Lettuce 奶油生菜

  • Radicchio Lettuce 红包菜

  • Cabbages 包菜

  • Kai Lan 芥蓝

  • Nai Bai 奶白

  • Kai Choy 芥菜

  • Spinach 菠菜

  • Long Cabbage 大白菜/ 元白

  • Ubi Leave 番薯叶

  • Sawi Putih 玖白

  • Siu Pak Choy 小白菜

  • Long Xu 龙须菜

  • Ku Chai 韭菜

  • ​KuChai Flower 韭菜花

Tomato Trio

Vege List 

Other Vegetables 

  • Japanese Pumpkin 日本金瓜

  • Honey ​Sweet Potatoes 蜜糖番薯

  • Milk Corns 金马伦白玉米

  • Pearl Corns 珍珠玉米

  • Tomato 番茄

  • Japanse Cucumber 日本青瓜 

  • Beetroot 甜菜根

  • Capsicums  灯笼椒

  • Zucchini 意大利节瓜

  • Eggplant 茄子

  • Choyes 佛手瓜

  • Raddish 白萝卜

  • Red Beans 红豆

  • French Beans 荷兰豆

  • Pea Sprout 豆苗

  • Pearl Brinjal 

  • Long Brinjal 

  • Old Cucumber

  • Yuchi Gua 鱼翅瓜

  • Chayote 佛手瓜

  • Red Cherry Tomatoes 红小番茄

  • Yellow Cherry Tom 黄小番茄

  • ​Dong Chong Cao 冬虫草

Fresh Herbs

Vege List 

Herbs & Fruits
香草 & 水果

  • Cameron Strawberry 金马伦草莓

  • Passion Fruit 百香果

  • ​Love Fruits 爱情果

  • Rosemary 迷迭香

  • Thymes 百里香

  • Rockets/ Arugula 芝麻菜

  • Italian Parsley 意大利香菜

  • English Parsley 英国香菜

  • Dill 莳萝

  • Oregano 牛至叶

  • SaGe 鼠尾草叶

  • Mints 薄荷

  • Basil 罗勒叶

  • Marjoram 墨角兰

  • Chive 韭菜

  • Chervil 细叶芹

  • Tarragon 龙蒿


Pre-packed vegetables

As an experienced Cameron vegetable supplier, we help our customers impress their consumers through a wide variety of attractive packaging. With multiple options and convenient designs, we are confident that these packaging will help boost our customers’ sales.

To cater your premium market share, we also provide packed vegetables service in clamshell, tray or cling wrap, to impress and attract your customer interest in order to outshine your competitors 


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Chocobo Trading- Cameron Highland Tomato supplier
Chocobo Trading- Cameron Highland Vegetable Supplier
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Chocobo Trading- Cameron Highland wholesale vegetable
Chocobo Trading- Cameron Highland vegetable
why choose us?

Being one of the most comprehensive wholesale vegetable suppliers in Malaysia, we strive to represent the essence and richness of the highlands with every order that we send out.

Our Customers

Businesses of any size around the valley trusted us in that we provide nothing but the BEST produce at competitive prices. Also, we work dedicatedly to expand our coverage to serve more customers. Regardless of the product is to be cooked for hungry diners, or sold to retail customers, we take all practicable steps to meet your requirements.

Our guarantee

As our customers’ partner, we work meticulously to make sure our services and products are of high standards. We deploy the produce from our farm several times a week and deliver to our customers as soon as they have been picked from the fields. We guarantee our customers that they will be given a steady supply of vegetables as and when their businesses require.

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