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Cherry Tomatoes

Cameron highland tomato, the healthier choice


Aside from leafy vegetables, Chocobo Trading provides famous Cameron Highland tomato as well as several other fruits and vegetables.


We as one of the leading tomato suppliers supply the juiciest produce you will never find in any place except at our farms. Besides high-quality, we have a wide range of choices. This includes red and yellow cherry, strawberry, and cocktail tomatoes.

Looking for more? At Chocobo Trading, you may also find Hokkaido corn, brinjals, Japanese cucumber, zucchini, capsicums, and radishes. We invite you to browse through the section below for a more exhaustive list of our amazing offers.

High-grade tomatoes

Our fresh tomatoes receive proper care and nourishment 7 days a week to acquire a flavorful taste. Such quality standard aligns with our core belief, which is to serve nothing but the best. Chocobo Trading ensures to provide you a premium selection at an affordable price.

How to place order?

You can place an order by filling the online form on this website. Or else, you may give us a call to get your hands on any of our produce. We have streamlined our online ordering process to make it worry-free and convenient for our customers.

Delivery lead times

Again, we value the significance of prompt delivery. This is proven by our good track record of shipping our orders within 1 working day. Also, we ensure the shipping is reaching our customers on the next working day. Further, we ensure the proper packaging of our vegetables to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.


“Running a mini market near Cameron Highland, we promise our customers that we only offer the freshest produce. Thanks to Chocobo Trading, we able to fulfill our promise. Chocobo not only offer a huge variety of vegetables, we can see that those vegetables are fresh from the farm. Thumbs up for Chocobo!”

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