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Cameron Strawberry Top 10 Iconic Fruits


A central hub for Cameron strawberry production in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands features some of the most delicious Cameron strawberries you will ever find. We are proud of being able to offer these tasty fruits to our customers all year round.


Our farms supply directly to our customers the most stunning and carefully hand-picked strawberry. These fruits had their quality guaranteed by us, ensuring they are juicy and nutritious.

On top of the favorable fruits, we offer a wide range of farm-grown herbs, which include thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage, and the list goes on. You may always visit our product page to place your order anytime.

Our Farm Location

Cameron Highlands is one of the most extensive hill stations in Malaysia. Cameron township is divided into Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Brinchang. The place is well-known for its magical ability that able to produce an extensive range of vegetables and fruits.


The mean annual temperature of Cameron Highland is 20°C and the relative humidity level is 50-60%. This makes the place highly conducive to a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and tea.


Meanwhile, our site and farms are strategically located in Kampung Raja, which is a small town that contributes to the highest agricultural production in Cameron Highlands. The town’s unique name means ‘King’s Village’, which was referred to as the incidence of the Sultan who donated the land for rebuilding.

Today, Kampung Raja is a gathered location of agricultural works, with extensive stretches of farmlands occupying the busy landscape. The gardens and strawberry farms provide tourist attractions for visitors. The strawberry picking experience provided by various strawberry farms has become the most unique attraction in the place.

How Cameron Strawberries are Grown


Strawberry belongs to the Rosaceae family and it is usually planted at areas with higher altitudes where the temperature is cooler. Thus, Cameron Highlands with almost above 2000 meters at its highest point is the only place in Malaysia that able to plant Strawberries. The cold weather allows this heart-shaped, bright red fruit to be cultivated all year round.

Based on studies, strawberry plants are sensitive to temperature, soil quality, humidity, and photoperiod. There are many limitations in the production, which including short shelf life, prone to physical damage, and pathogen contamination. This explains why these popular red gems can only be planted in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

We cultivate the strawberries in our own farms that are well-known for their rich soil. We have vast experience in planting these red fruits by using cutting-edge fertigation techniques. We protect our crops from the rainy weather by implementing the most advanced and effective rain shelters. Such rain shelters can minimize the damage of the crops and ease pest management as well.

We also ensure our fresh strawberries receive proper care and nourishment 7 days a week to acquire a flavorful and sweet taste. 

Strawberry Types and Fun Facts

Strawberry varieties [1] that can be planted in Cameron Highlands include:

  • Camarosa,

  • Camariosa,

  • Camaroga,

  • Winter Star,

  • Sweet Sensation,

  • Festival,

  • Albion


Strawberry is the hybrid of two wild species from North America and Chile. The scientific name of it is Fragaria x ananassa Duch which originated in Europe in the 18th century.


Little know that this member of the rose family is not really a fruit or berry botanically but instead the enlarged receptacle of flower! We often called strawberries fruit due to their juicy and watery characteristics that no one can resist.


Many love strawberries due to their inimitable aroma and sweetness. However, their extensive health benefits are something we should not ignore. It is nearly impossible to list out all the health benefits of these red gems, which you might need to refer to our blog for some ideas.


Also, we can do a lot of great healthy food with Cameron strawberries, including but not limited to salad, jam, shortcakes, ice cream etc. This fruit is loved by many café owners as it can be implementing in almost all kinds of menu and beverage.

What makes our Cameron strawberry a better choice?

Despite the nationwide demands of Cameron strawberries, the farmers often face difficulties to maintain the freshness as it is well-known for the highly perishable property.


However, we are able to stand out in this competitive field as we have been growing our strawberries on nutrient-rich and fertile soil. Also, we ensure our produce are grown with proper care and nourishment. These factors make the distinctive sweet taste of these juicy fruits that is well-known for.

Additionally, such soil does not only help us bear more fruits, but its health benefits could also be passed down to the consumer of the fruits. Rich in Vitamin C, Manganese, and Potassium, these berries make sure your nutrient needs are fulfilled.


With the advent of our online services, it sets us apart from our competitors with our customer-centric services. You can make inquiries and orders through our own website anytime. There is no need to travel so far to enjoy these berries when they are just a few clicks away.

Order from us means that you will always get to experience the truly field-fresh berries. We harvest our strawberries at their freshest and well-ripped status.

We also ensure prompt delivery to your doorstep to fulfill your business needs. As a reputative vegetable and fruit wholesaler in Malaysia, we work meticulously to make sure our products and services are of high standards.

We ensure everything received by our customers is always in its tip-top state.


Customers can also opt for our strawberries and herbs which come in pre-packed clamshell boxes. We ensure our packing environment is clean and properly sanitized, where we would avoid any contaminants.

Compared to the year 2019 and before, customers pay a lot attention to hygiene quality more than ever. So, we ensure all procedures and instructions are followed strictly by us to give our customers the safest product.

Chocobo Trading Cameron Strawberry Happy Client

What Our Client Says...


“We are a neighbourhood fruits store being noted for our strawberries! Due to the popularity, we require large quantities supply as well as high-quality strawberries on regular basis. Thankfully, we have Chocobo Trading to back us up! Chocobo always ready to stock up the supply whenever we need. It has been a pleasure to work with Chocobo.”

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