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Fresh Lettuce

You Should Experience our crunchy Green Coral Lettuce


Such as green coral lettuce, Chocobo Trading also specializes in farming green leafy vegetables which is a staple in many Malaysian dishes. Vegetables that we offer including lettuce, dragon chives, baby spinach, kailan, cabbages, and spring onions. We monitor these vegetables day in and day out, make sure they grow well, result in rich flavours. Additionally, we have optimized our farm to produce these vegetables in bulk to satisfy our customers’ needs.

How we meet your demands

We carefully plan out the production and distribution of vegetables to ensure a consistent supply while matching the market demands. With the maximum flexibility, we promise reliable quality products at a competitive price.

Delivery times

We have a team of efficient drivers who work on the clock to deliver the orders to our customers at the earliest with minimum delay. We truly value the importance of on-time delivery. Moving towards our value, we minimize delivery overhead as much as possible and provide our customers the produce as fresh as it can be.


To meet the consumers’ demands, we pack our leafy vegetables in different attractive ways, such as clamshell packaging, vegetable trays and cling wraps. These packages help our customers attract consumers’ interest and hence boost up their sales.


“Small business like us, cost is our major concern. We are grateful that Chocobo Trading offers us a competitive price for their supplies without compromising the quality. Not only that, it is also crucial to us that our products are packaged in aesthetically pleasing way to attract new customers and retain return customers at the same time. These are the reasons that we choose Chocobo!”

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