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3 Hidden Recipes of Green Coral Lettuce, Not Just Salad!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We all knew that the fresh and crunchy green coral lettuce is often served raw, tossed, and dressed with other fresh ingredients to make salad.

Lettuce is a type of plant that grows in cool season or weather. There are 4 main categories of this plant species, which are romaine, loose-leaf, crisphead, and butterhead. Coral lettuce's are loose-leaf ones, which the leaves are loose in a whole head.

We often call this as 'decorative lettuce' and can always found it in salad bowl, sandwiches, burgers and more. This curled leaves plant often served raw and it could add a punch of colour, texture and volume to salads.

Far more than that, green coral lettuce can be the star of a dish as well! There are 3 hidden and no-brainer recipes that you should know about it.

Let’s have some mouth-watering time!

Lettuce Fish Porridge

Fish porridge cooked with plenty of lettuce is one of the best traditional Cantonese dishes that we know.

Porridge is a delicious comfort food that preferred by most Chinese. The savory rice porridge can be cooked with many types of ingredients beside fish, such as chicken, salted eggs and more that we could not finish to count. Porridge is easy to cook yet is believed good for stomach. Besides that, a bowl of porridge is filling and hearty enough for any meals in a day.

Fresh lettuce with mild flavor is a perfect foil for the succulent fish meat. And Chinese or Cantonese in Malaysia often enjoy this delicious food during the 7th day of Chinese New Year, also known as People's Day (Renri).

How to Prepare:

1. Slice the fish and remove all tiny bones.

2. Marinated the fish slices with soy sauce/ salt and sesame oil

3. Clean and slice the lettuce

4. Bring water to boil. Add in cooked rice and fish to continue cooking.

5. Let it boil for another 15 minutes and put in the sliced lettuce.

Lettuce Bean Curd Skin Roll

Little know about this simple yet nutritious food which fits perfectly for those who are on diet. This light food is easy to prepare and suitable for vegetarian as well. You can wrap any ingredients that you like inside the roll, and dip with any sauce that you prefer.

Bean curd skin wrap with crispy, sweet lettuce and shredded vegetables will bring you to the next refreshing level. As below is the hidden recipe of this little-known cuisine.

How to Prepare:

1. Wash the bean curd skins and cut them into rectangular shapes.

2. Boil water and put in the bean curd skin for one minute. Take out and drain.

3. Slice the carrots and cucumbers; Tear the coral green lettuce into small pieces.

4. Take a piece of bean curd skin, roll up with pieced lettuce, carrot, and cucumber slices.

5. Mix soybean paste, sugar, and water thoroughly.

6. Dip the rolls into the sweet sauce and enjoy it.

Pork Belly Wrap

Annyeonghaseyo! You can prepare this popular Korean food in your own house at any time.

The Grilled pork belly also pronounced as Samgyeopsal-gui in Korean language and it is an extremely popular Korean BBQ dish. It's a great cuisine for party or social gathering due to the process of cooking and eating are done at the table. It’s also kind of time-saving and pretty simple to prepare and serve.

This food will lost its soul if it does not served together with lettuce. Can you resist the tender, luscious pork belly with deep grilled edges sit on top of crunchy, bright green coral lettuce?

How to Prepare:

1. Cut the pork belly into pieces and cook by using a tabletop grill or non-stick pan. Cook until browned on each side.

2. Spread some gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) to the cooked pork belly and wrapped with a piece of lettuce.

3. You can serve the lettuce wraps with kimchi and garlic as well to top it all off.

Did this vegetable with crisp and frilly curl green leaves surprised you? Don’t just make salad, you can serve it in so many different ways!

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