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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Well-packed Fresh Vegetables

Photo by KWON JUNHO on Unsplash

With the wide availability of well-packed fresh vegetables, traders and vendors now have an edge over choosing their fresh vegetable suppliers.

We usually don't think about the packaging that our vegetables and fruits come in or the purpose it serves in keeping the food items safe. Not only does a suitable packaging safeguards fresh produce from physical deterioration, allow for proper handling, storage, and shipping, but it also protects against microbiological and chemical and contamination!

What's more, even though fairly simple and inexpensive, you'll be amazed at just how impressive an impact packing the vegetables can make.

Let's have a look at some key reasons why traders should market and sell well-packed, farm-fresh produce:

It Keeps The Food's Hygiene Intact

\With the COVID-19 pandemic doing its rounds, it's safe to say we all realize the significance of meticulous hygiene. As a direct consequence of it, consumers are much more likely to buy packaged vegetables.

Additionally, a colossal upside of pre-packaged fruits and vegetables is that the products don't get contaminated by treading along many individuals' hands.

As an example, buying pears encased in hygienic and visible packaging such as a transparent clamshell is much safer!

An important consideration, however, to keep in mind is that the material used in packaging the food should be inert to the food item. It shouldn't chemically react or degrade the quality of its contents.

It Prolongs The Shelf Life

Natural products such as fruits and veggies have a longer shelf life when wrapped in the right packaging materials. Furthermore, the packaged food items have their taste preserved for longer as well.

In particular, strawberries are a quintessential example, whose shelf life is increased by two days if put in a low level of oxygen flow and hygienic packaging.

With packed eatables, not only do you get more time to finish them off before they go stale but you also prevent food wastage! Lettuce, for example, stays fresh for a long time when packed aptly!

Without packaging, the vegetables and fruits may get compromised by introducing contaminants either by direct exposure to physical, chemical, and biological impurities or through indirect factors. Thus, aside from increasing the shelf life of foods, packaging also enhances its safety and quality, delivering convenience to your consumers.

Eye-Catching Packaging For Sales Appeal

Exquisite graphics are increasingly being used to boost the sales appeal of packed fruits and vegetables. Multi-color typography, elegant lettering, and ritzy logos are also widely used.

In addition, the packaging can be printed with nutritional information, promotional materials, logo, and other information about the company to reinforce the brand name.

Does it work? Absolutely!

You'll be surprised how much packaging the food items influences the purchase decisions of your customers. It helps them identify your product.

Furthermore, if the packaging is provided with sufficient information in a visually appealing manner, consumers can readily take a liking to it. Also, they can subconsciously determine buying the same if they encounter your product in the future again. Not to mention, it can help new customers familiarize themselves with your label, advancing your brand's awareness.

It Avoids Damage During Transportation

Every food item that is transported or dispatched is handled innumerable times from its source of origin to the ultimate destination.

The product might go straight to your consumer or may be put through numerous stops and truck transfers prior to arriving at its final destination.

Each situation of handling enhances the chances of mishandling — the food items can be pierced, dropped, crumpled, corrupted, or damaged by weather and/or other impairments.

Particularly when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the bumps encountered during their transportation lead to the not-so-flavorsome blackened squishy parts, especially in thin-skinned products such as tomatoes. This aesthetically unpleasant look of such items affects sales and causes loss.

To evade all this, proper packaging is a must.

Chocobo Trading Provides A One-Stop Solution For Traders/Retailers

If you're a trader, retailer, or vendor of fruits and vegetables, you're going to be truly glad you found us!

Why? Because we fuse our marketing insight and entrepreneurial vision with splendid technical expertise. Also, we have the ability to execute your packaging constructs quickly in a solution, effectively turning your retail idea into a reality!

Here's a rundown of some fine points you need to know about us:

We Supply Pre-Packed Produce

Outperform your competitors with our packaging!

As an accomplished Cameron vegetable supplier, we assist our customers to dazzle their consumers with our range of personalized packaging.

We're confident that our versatile packaging options and convenient designs will boost your sales to the fullest!

In addition, to cater to your exclusive market share, we also provide vegetable packaging services in a clamshell, tray, or cling wrap.

Whether you're just starting up or already supplying invaluable food items as an enterprise, Chocobo Trading brings you decades of experience in the form of strategic packaging acumen!

We Are Easily Approachable

Feel free to connect with us directly via our website, email, or phone — whichever you prefer! We make certain that you always get comprehensive and accurate information about all our fresh produce!

Also, as our valuable clients, we understand that you might be eyeing up a negotiation. As it happens, we're open to it! Drop us a message specifying your requirements — we'll love to hear from you!

Besides, by directly working with us, you're always under the safety net of getting an unbiased, precise, and authentic assessment of our crops and efficient delivery planning.

We Offer More Than 60 Types of Vegetables and Fruits

Chocobo Trading comes to the table not just as a service provider, but also as your partner in delivering actual value.

With numerous types of fruits and vegetables under the belt of our availability, Chocobo Trading is the hub for everything you may need!

And, on top of that, we're on a constant lookout for broadening the range of our products and endeavoring to accomplish further milestones in this industry! With the best of spirits and dedication, we'll do our very ablest to make sure you're satisfied in all your ventures with us!

We are your preferred vegetable supplier, make your inquiries and orders through our website now!
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