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Cameron Strawberry: Why You Should Eat More?๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In Malaysia, when strawberry is mentioned, it is always that one place that we will think of first. Welcome to Cameron Highlands!

The sweet aromatic, bright red and juicy Cameron strawberry is definitely an all-time-favourite fruit of many Malaysians. Strawberry is not very common, especially in city areas due to its specific climate requirements where you can basically found strawberry plantations at Cameron Highlands in Malaysia only.

Due to its rarity in Malaysia and popularity of Cameron Highlands as a tourism spot, strawberry is a very welcoming fruit no matter in terms of nutrition or as an ingredient. Regardless of making strawberry smoothies, dessert, or eating fresh, we recommend you to eat these berries as frequently as you can!

Here are the reasons why we call our Cameron strawberry as SUPERFOOD:


There is no secret that strawberry is an excellent vitamin source such as Vitamin C and B9 to boost your immune system, but they could do far more than that!

Heart health

With the proof of clinical research, strawberry is rich in antioxidants that aid in heart health and prevent chronic diseases.

Lower Risk of Hypertension

Regular strawberry consumption can ensure a reduced risk of getting hypertension thanks to the high flavonoid compounds in it.

Digestive Health

Strawberry contains a high amount of dietary fibers that feed the good bacteria in your guts. Cheers for those who want to lose weight, because strawberry is actually useful for WEIGHT LOSS! This is because strawberry is a fat-free and cholesterol-free food with low calories energy in it. Yay!

Here comes the most significant health benefit of strawberry:

Cancer Prevention

Several studies suggest that strawberries could help to prevent cancer. There were evidences showing that strawberry has inhibited tumor and liver cancer formation.

Has this article inspired you to eat a whole pint of Cameron strawberries now?

Thanks to the climate of Cameron Highlands, we are able to offer this tasty yet nutritious fruit to you, ALL-YEAR-ROUND! From farm to table, we conquer all challenges to provide you the freshest, hand-picked Cameron Strawberry in Malaysia.

Healthy fruit is good, but it is even better when its quality is highly guaranteed! We take extra care of our strawberries, growing them on fertile and nutrient-rich soil. Such richen soil is one of the reason why our Cameron strawberry is well-known for its distinctive sweet taste.

For your information, most strawberry farm owners in Cameron Highlands also offer tourists to hand-pick strawberries on their own. They are also kind enough for you to have a taste on the strawberries on the spot too!

You will definitely feel the difference at first bite!

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