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How We as Wholesale Vegetable Supplier Can Help Your Business

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Wholesale vegetable supplier-Chocobo Trading

MCO kicks in again in various states of Malaysia, and many business owners are worried about the affection towards the wholesale vegetable supply chain. Regardless of restaurant, retail sellers, home-based businesses, or any other business types, we are here to put your worries aside.

Despite Covid-19, Chocobo Trading will always be your favourite fresh vegetable supplier in Malaysia to support your business unconditionally. At affordable prices, and of tip-top quality.

This has been a tough period for every one of us due to the pandemic. Thus, we are writing this blog to share with you some vegetables-related business ideas, insights, and advantages of sourcing directly from us. As you dive deeper, you will get to know the wide range of our vegetable supply.

Vegetables-Related Business ideas

Nowadays especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the awareness of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been growing to a new height.

People are prompted to embrace a natural diet such as fresh vegetables and fruits, as an alternative to replace usual diet that is fueled by fats and sugar.

Vegetable-related business idea- Chocobo Trading

Based on statistics, Malaysia’s gross domestic products (GDP) from the vegetable industry from 2015 to 2019 was rising constantly. The GDP was even expected to reach approximately 11.4 billion MYR in 2019. This gave confidence to those who are about to start or already involved in the fresh produce industry.

Tips for small stores selling veggies

There are many local stores selling fruits and vegetables, and how can you outcompete them? Perhaps we all need some creativity to make things happen!

· Packed pre-cut veggies:

Most people nowadays are too busy for their daily works and convenience is the term that we care about the most. Thus, many busy consumers prefer to avoid peeling, washing, and cutting works before consuming their vegetables.

Like how other multinational groceries do such as Tesco, they cleverly cut the vegetables and pack them well in combination or just one type of vegetable per packing.

You may consider selling pre-cut vegetables and put them in good packaging to attract buyers. Surely the busy working parents who wish to prepare a hearty meal for their children after work will truly appreciate it.

Packed Pre-Cut Vegetables- Chocobo Trading

Photo credits to Tesco Malaysia

If you pack the vegetables in combination, you may pack them according to some kinds of recipes. For example, you can pack pre-cut tomatoes, corn, carrots, and cabbages for ABC soup ingredients!

Consumers would be more than happy to buy from you as you save them a lot of hassles searching for ingredients separately.

· From vegetables to delicious juices

Vegetable juices have become the new love of modern people who wish to maintain good body health in fast-and-easy ways. Also, children often reject cooked vegetables and this makes the parents worry.

fresh vegetable supplier- Chocobo Trading

Thus, you can creatively try to juice suitable vegetables and mix and match them with fruits to squeeze different minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins for your consumers. Combination with fruits can further dial up the sweetness, flavour, and health benefits.

For example, you can mix watermelon with tomatoes while juicing it to give this thirst-quenching beverage an extra kick of flavour and vitamins.

This does not require a high cost to set up, pretty easy to do and surely can make a good return for your business!

vegetable fresh juices idea- Chocobo Trading

Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

The trending Farm-to-table Restaurants

Albeit there is no regulated definition for the term ‘farm-to-table’, but it is widely used in describing the food on the table came directly from a farm without going through a market or store.

As an experienced farmer and wholesale vegetable distributor, we can make things happen in assisting your restaurant business.

Farm-to-table Restaurants vegetable supplier- Chocobo Trading

Consumers want to know more about where their food comes from. It would be a unique selling point for your restaurant if all the fresh ingredients used are direct supply from the farm at their greatest freshness.

Restaurant owners will be benefited from this direct relationship as the quality and freshness of ingredients used are ensured. We make sure the sourcing of fresh and high-quality ingredients that are grown sustainably from our local farms could turn into beautiful dishes.

Advantages Sourcing from Us as Your Preferred Wholesale Vegetable Supplier

Different from an ordinary vegetable wholesaler, we have over 30 years of farming experience and our farms are within the strategic location in Cameron Highlands. We wish to build long-lasting relationships with our customers for being a reliable and efficient wholesale vegetable supplier in Malaysia.

Cameron Highland Wholesale Vegetable Supplier- Chocobo Trading

  • Openness and Ease of Communication

You can connect directly with us at your ease, regardless of via website, email, or phone call. We ensure you always get detailed and accurate information about our fresh produce.

Also, as our valued customers, you can always negotiate what and when you need it. For example, you might need fresh produce such as Cameron Highland tomato at their perfect ripeness to create a quality product for your business.

By working directly with us, you can always get an accurate assessment of our crops and good planning for the delivery accordingly.

  • As your long-term business partner

As a business owner, you might be interested in sourcing directly from us because we as experienced farmer and vegetable supplier can provide any tailor-made services that you need. We are more than happy to share any tips about vegetables with our valued customers as well.

Regardless of the product is to be cooked for hungry diners, or sold to retail customers, we take all practicable steps to meet your requirements.

  • Great varieties that you will hard to find elsewhere

Wholesale vegetable list- Chocobo Trading

As you are surfing our website, you will surely be amazed by our fresh vegetable lists that consisting of more than 60 types of vegetables.

Quantities and varieties are nothing without the alignment of high-quality products. Thus, we are constantly working out to make sure you get the greatest and freshest products from us at the most competitive prices.

Key takeaways:

Our mission is not only to be an ordinary wholesale vegetable supplier but also your great partner to support your business anytime.

Being one of the most comprehensive vegetable wholesalers in Malaysia, you can also reach us by WhatsApp/ phone call at +6011-5515 0408, and we ensure prompt response to meet your requirements.

At Chocobo Trading, we ensure you get everything you need at one time. Our blog posts on the website also provide relevant information, education, and hidden recipes to bring you the greatest online experience.

We are your preferred wholesale vegetable supplier, make your inquiries and orders through our website now!
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