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Malaysia Tomato Supplier that Delivers Fast to You!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Malaysia Tomato Supplier- Chocobo Trading

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You are a business owner who needs fresh tomatoes in bulk every day. Thus, you might be actively looking for a tomato supplier who can offer you the best price. Most importantly, you wish your order would arrive at the promised destination fast and securely.

We hear you! We constantly assist your business by saving you a lot of hassle. Now you can order the freshest tomatoes in town via phone call or online through our website.

You might be in two minds which supplier you should choose. Before you decide, let us further explain our superlative homegrown tomatoes’ fun facts and why we are your preferred choice.

2 Fun Facts About Tomatoes That You Might Not Know

· Fruits VS Vegetables

Let us have some brainstorming sessions here. Is tomato fruit or vegetable? This might be a racing certainty that many people are doubting this. However, this age-old question has an answer in fact.

Tomato Supplier- Fruit or Vegetable │Chocobo Trading

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

We believe that the confusion comes from tomatoes’ common culinary applications. In terms of culinary, this red produce is used in savory dishes, commonly paired alongside with other vegetables. Thus, they are well-known as a kind of vegetable.

However, tomatoes are FRUITS in terms of science and botanical. This is because they form from a flower and contain seeds, same as all other true fruits.

In summary, tomatoes are fruits botanically, but they are also vegetables in terms of culinary. The answer depends on whether you are talking to a farmer or a chef.

· Health Condition related to Extreme Tomato-Cravings

Do you know that there are people who insatiable craving for tomatoes or related products? This is a kind of health condition known as tomatophagia that is related to nutritional deficiency.

This kind of craving is common during pregnancy, albeit there is no definitive explanation. Based on Healthline, this might be caused by nutritional deficits or hormonal changes.

Also, tomatophagia might be a side-effect of iron deficiency anemia, which is caused by inadequate red blood cells.

So, it is important to seek medical advice if you are crazing this red fruit to excess, to rule out any underlying medical cause.

Why Cameron Highlands Produce Great Tomatoes?

Cameron Highland Vegetable and Tomato Supplier- Chocobo Trading

Photo by TM Yap on Unsplash

Cameron Highlands is one of the most extensive hill stations in our country. The mean annual temperature of Cameron Highlands is 20°C and the relative humidity level is 50-60%.

The optimum temperature and humidity make Cameron Highlands conducive to a wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The fresh produce from Cameron come in a wide range of different flavour, colours, and subspecies. All our customers are surprised by the great fruit and vegetable variety that we able to produce on our own farm.

Our farm located within the heart of the Cameron highlands have very rich soil that nourish our fresh produces. This explains why our Cameron Highland tomatoes are Malaysians’ all-time-favourite due to their flavorful taste.

Chocobo Trading Is Your Preferred Tomato Supplier in Town

There are 3 main aspects explain why we are able to stand out in this competitive field:

1. Great Variety

We never worry that our customers will feel disappointed due to unable to search for what they want. We have almost everything here that fulfills your business needs.