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Many have heard Icepant, but no many have tried yet. The crunchy crystal green Icepant is good in mouth, but do you know it has amazing medicinal qualities too!

Medicinally the ice plant is used in the treatment of respiratory and bladder and vaginal inflammations and in Argentina it is used to treat venereal disease. Fresh juice of the crushed leaves may treat water retention and painful urination and is also used to ease and soothe inflammation in the lungs.

The Japanese study, has also found that the ice plant has high antioxidant activity and accumulates proline, a non-essential amino acid involved in the production of collagen. Proline can also assist wound healing and is also a building block of a compound which maintains and heals cartilage and strengthen joints, tendons and muscles.

The leaves are used in the treatment of dysentery (infection of the intestines) and diseases of the liver and kidney. Sailors used the leaves to treat scurvy on long sea voyages.



- 预防糖尿病:冰菜含有少量的黄酮类化合物,它是一种高活性的天然多酚类化合物,有预防糖尿病的作用。

- 强化脑细胞:冰菜含有多种氨基酸,可以减缓脑细胞的老化速度、强化脑细胞功能

- 修复骨骼胶质:对关节胶质磨损等问题,冰菜里头的葡胺酸(Proline)能迅速修复软骨和胶质。

IcePlant 冰菜 x 10 trays

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  • IcePlant 冰菜

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